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About Pilates Associates Teacher Training Institute

Get to know us

Upon interviewing instructors for regional positions, only to find that most had been "certified" in 2-day courses, Pilates Associates Managing Partners, Tori Brown, and Chimene Montivero-Cole M.S.,P.T, launched Pilates Associates Teacher Training Institute in 2003 to provide comprehensive education to serious Pilates students.


PATTI programs teach much more than repertoire. Our graduates are proficient in anatomy, biomechanics, and posture assessment. Contraindications for special populations/conditions and physician interaction is part of our standard curriculum. Physical Therapists love our training program and physicians are confident working with our graduates.


Since its inception, PATTI has grown into an internationally recognized educator and continuing education workshop provider.

Small Groups & Unparalleled Attention

PATTI is a full-service Pilates Teacher Training organization dedicated to graduating teachers at the top of their class. 

  • Anatomy/Kinesiology & Posture Assessment.

  • Postural and basic gait analysis.

  • The names and correct execution of the exercises.

  • The names of the apparatus and all of the various parts.

  • The appropriate sequencing of the exercises, repetitions, spotting.

  • The appropriate set-up of the apparatus and springs for each exercise.

  • Pedagogy - comprehensive teaching skills workshop.

  • The objectives of each exercise.

  • How to design a client specific program.

  • How to effectively modify, break down, and/or adapt for special populations.

  • Professional communication with attending physicians & PTs. Scope of practice.

  • Ethics

Pilates Teacher Training Anatomy
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