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Pilates Mat Teacher Training

For individuals interested in Pilates Mat Teacher Training & Certification, we offer modular training and a Certificate of Completion. The National Pilates Certification Program (NPCP) requires this compulsory documentation as proof of education before sitting for the National Pilates Certification Exam.


Pre-requisite Coursework for Mat Training

12hrs ABP =  Anatomy, Biomechanics, Posture Assessment (1x pre-requisite for all modules)

15hrs EXP =  Pre-training: 15 hrs of prior Pilates Mat experience


102hrs MAT = $1999 All-Inclusive Comprehensive Mat Repertoire Levels 1-3

  • Includes 15 FREE Pilates Mat classes to satisfy pre-training experience requirement (This does not count towards 102hr certification requirement. Experience may be gained at other facilities with certified Pilates Mat Teachers.)

  • Includes auxiliary equipment training (Magic Circle, Balls, Bands & More)



Required Observation, Practical, Personal Review

Candidates for a “PATTI Mat Teacher” Diploma must complete the following:


  1. 36hrs Workshop (Pilates History, repertoire, teaching/cueing, special populations & contraindications)

  2. 20hrs Observation (10 hours may be approved pre-recorded instruction)

  3. 16hrs Personal Review/Practice

  4. 15hrs Pilates Mat Classes and/or Privates Sessions with a qualified Pilates Teacher Trainer

    • This is not included in the fee but discounts apply (40% off Private Training & Single class purchases)

  5. 3hrs Assistant Teaching/Student Teaching (with a qualified Teacher Trainer)

  6. 5hrs Supervised Student Teaching/Mentorship (under the supervision of a qualified Teacher Trainer)

  7. 5hrs Solo Student Teaching/Practice Teaching (group classes & private training on the Mat, min 2 different clients)

  8. 2hrs Exams (1hr practical & 1hr written)


  • Candidates may observe classes and/or private sessions at the training center with prior consent.

  • Limited opportunities for unpaid apprenticeship may be available at the training center.

  • Studio space may be available at the training center for personal review with advance reservation at no additional charge. (subject to individual training center policy)

  • Candidates may observe classes and/or private sessions at the training center with prior consent.


Registration for any course requires a 50% upfront deposit, with the balance due before the first day of instruction. Payment plans are available upon request. Please email for dates and more information.  

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